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किस तरह की टी-शर्ट का आकार खोना आसान नहीं है

समय: 2022-05-25

What kind of T-shirt/Sweatshirt is not easy to lose shape ???

1. मोटा कपड़ा

Because in order to match the thick fabric, Its must be used thicker ribbed collar


2. The height of the neckline is about 1.5cm


यह करने के लिए आसान है आकार खोना ifनेकलाइन is higher than 1.5cm, and it will look like underwear if it is lower than 1cm.


3. Rib collar contains about 20% chemical fiber

The cotton threaded neckline is easy to lose shape. Although the purified fiber is not easy to lose shape, But,it is uncomfortable to tie the neck. The threaded neckline with some chemical fiber components is not easy to lose shape and relatively comfortable.

4. Colored clothes

The process of dyeing and washing is actually a stereotype for the T-shirt.